Dr. Ron McLaughlin

Dr. Ron McLaughlin


  • Dean's Office
  • Clinical Sciences


  • Associate Dean and Professor


Office: (662) -32-5-11



Dr. McLaughlin received his DVM from the University of
Missouri in 1985. He worked in small animal private practice for three years
and then completed his surgical residency and graduate training at the Ontario
Veterinary College in 1991. He became an ACVS Diplomate in 1992. He was a
member of the faculty at Kansas State University from 1991-1998. He then spent
two years in private surgery practice before joining the faculty at Mississippi
State University in 2000, where he has served in various roles including Chief
of Surgery, Hospital Director, and Head of the Department of Clinical Sciences.
He currently serves as the Associate Dean for Administration and Professor of
Surgery. Dr. McLaughlin has served on the ACVS Board of Directors, the VOS
Board of Directors, the AO North American Veterinary Trauma Education
Committee, and as President of the American Association of Veterinary
Clinicians. He is currently an AVMA Council on Education site visitor.


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.), Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri, 1985

Research interests:

Biomechanics of implants


Journal Article

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Areas of Expertise

Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery