Vet Camp Quick FAQs


How will applicants be selected?

Our committee looks for campers who have an interest in veterinary medicine. It is important that applicants answer the essay prompt as thoroughly as they can. 

Given that we have more eligible applicants than we have space, this year we will give each eligible student application a random number, and a drawing will be held to determine participants for each camp.

If I have attended a camp session previously, can I apply again?

In order to give more students the opportunity to attend our camps, students who have previously attended our 3-day day camp or our overnight camp are ineligible to participate. 

What is included in the cost of camp?

Camp fees cover meals, housing (if applicable), and scrub tops. Lunch is covered for all day campers. All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are covered for overnight campers. 

When is the deadline to pay camp tuition if accepted?

Camp tuition will be due by mid-April. The acceptance email will contain the due date. Payment can be made using the link that will be given with the acceptance email. 

When will applicants be notified of their status?

All applicants will be notified via email by mid-March. Please remember to check your spam folders. 

What are the dates for this year's camp sessions?

 Dates for Vet Camp 2022 are set! Below are the sessions that will be offered, along with the dates and ages groups that apply.

Vet Camp Dates
Camp Dates Camp Type
Wednesday, May 25 – Sunday, May 29 Overnight Camp Session #1  (15-17 yr olds)
Tuesday, May 31 One-Day Camp  Session #1 (10-12 yr olds)
Wednesday, June 1 One-Day Camp  Session #2 (10-12 yr olds)
Thursday, June 2 – Saturday, June 4 Three-Day Camp Session  (13-17 yr olds)
Tuesday, June 7 One-Day Camp Session #3 (13-14 yr olds)
Wednesday, June 8 - Sunday, June 12 Overnight Camp Session #2 (15-17 yr olds)

What does the camp schedule look like? Is learning primarily lecture-based or hands-on?

All camp sessions (day and overnight camps) are hands-on learning environments. You'll learn alongside MSU CVM veterinary students, clinicians, and faculty members as you experience veterinary medicine on the Wise Center campus! The schedule for our day camp and overnight camp sessions from 2019 can be found **HERE**. Camp schedules are subject to change each year, but this will give you an idea of what a typical camp experience is like.

How much does camp cost?

Summer 2022 prices

Summer Camp Prices 2022
Camp Type Price
One-day camp $125
Three-day camp $400
Overnight Camp $750

There is a $25 non-refundable application fee required for each application at the time of submission. The camp fee is not due until the student is notified he/she has been accepted. Once an acceptance e-mail has been received, the camp fee must be paid by the given deadline in the acceptance email. 


What ages can attend camp?

One-day camp is open to campers 10 to 17 years old, and our overnight camp session is open to campers 15 to 17 years old. One three-day camp session is open to campers 13 to 17 years old. Campers must meet the minimum and maximum age requirement ranges by the day a camp begins in order to be considered eligible for that specific session of camp.

How many applications do you receive for camp each year?

We receive many more applications than there are spots available.  Because of this, and because we continue to see a significant increase in the number of applicants each year, we added more sessions in 2019. Camp is competitive, and a careful review is given to all applications received. If you don't get accepted to this year, you can certainly try again next year!

Can I only apply to one camp session, or can I apply to both day and overnight sessions?

You can apply to both day camp and overnight camp if you wish. Both day camp and overnight campers are required to submit an essay. In addition, overnight campers are required to submit a letter of recommendation. 

Where do overnight campers stay for camp?

Campers who attend overnight camp are housed in a dormitory on the University’s main campus.  All overnight campers are chaperoned with both an overnight camp coordinator and overnight camp counselors. We are unable to offer housing for day camp sessions.

When is the deadline for me to apply to camp?

The application for 2022 camps will open between the end of January and beginning of February and will close at the beginning of March. Follow us on social media or check back on the website for the exact dates! 

How do I apply for camp?

The veterinary camp application is an online process. You can Apply Here during the official application timeframe.

What are the requirements to apply to camp?

To apply for camp, you’ll need to submit the following online:

Day Campers

  • a brief essay response to the online writing prompt
  • a completed online application
  • a $25 non-refundable application fee

Overnight Campers

  • a brief essay response to the online writing prompt
  • a completed online application
  • a $25 non-refundable application fee
  • a letter of recommendation from anyone other than a family member. 

These items are required to be considered for a spot in any camp session. Campers must also meet the minimum and maximum age requirement ranges for a camp by the date it begins in order to be eligible for participation.