Our Mission

Mission Statement

A student in scrubs poses with a dog The mission of the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine is to protect and improve the health and well-being of animals and humans while contributing to the economic development of Mississippi and surrounding regions by providing quality professional veterinary education, advancing research in veterinary and biomedical fields, and serving the community through excellent diagnostics, clinical care, and shared learning.

Vision Statement

The MSU College of Veterinary Medicine will be recognized widely for producing and placing highly capable veterinarians, veterinary technologists and scientists, and our faculty and staff will be recognized for being at the forefront of new developments in animal and human health.

MSU CVM Strategic Plan 2020-2026

Our Values

  • Maintain a unique sense of family
  • Communicate effectively with students, colleagues, clients and referring veterinarians
  • Act with integrity in both professional and scientific roles
  • Embrace innovative options
  • Encourage collaborative, multidisciplinary research efforts benefitting both animal and human health
  • Support student, faculty and staff participation in activities that enhance the veterinary profession and reputation of the College, the University and the State