Early Entry Program

A veterinary student poses with a horseThe Early Entry Program (EEP) is a unique program at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University that allows high-achieving high school seniors to earn pre-approved acceptance into the DVM program. Both Mississippi residents and residents from other states are eligible for the program. Up to thirty positions are available each year with about 120+ applications typically received for this highly competitive program. If accepted into the program, students will complete prerequisites within one of MSU’s undergraduate degree programs. Those seeking to apply to the Early Entry Program must first be accepted into Mississippi State University. The EEP and the Undergraduate University application are separate applications. 

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The Application

The College of Veterinary Medicine Early Entry application is supplemental to the Mississippi State University application for admission. In order to access the CVM-EEP application, you must have been accepted to Mississippi State University and meet all requirements listed below. The EEP application opens on August 1st. Please visit your myState portal to access the CVM EEP application. If the Early Entry Application is not displayed in your myState portal and you feel you meet our requirements, please contact us at admit@vetmed.msstate.edu

A completed CVM-EEP application and all supporting materials must be submitted on or prior to January 3, 2025. Virtual interviews are a required part of the final process. Applicants selected for interviews will be invited to participate in a virtual interview in late January. Please view the list of important dates below. 

You can find your EEP application in your myState portal using the steps below. 

1. Log in to your myState portal. 

2. From the myState homepage, select the block that says "More". 

3. Scroll down to "Helpful Links". 

4. Find the block that says, "Vet Med". 

5. Select "Click here to apply to the CVM Early Entry program".


Important Dates Description
August 1, 2023 Early Entry application opens 
November  2023  Recommended last day to take ACT or SAT. 
January 3, 2024 
Deadline for Early Entry applications. All components must be received.  
*Please note it can take 2+ weeks for your ACT or SAT score to be delivered to The Office of Admissions and Scholarships.  
January 26, 2024  Early Entry Interviews 
May 1, 2024  Position Acceptance Deadline 


Application Requirements

Students applying for the Early Entry Program must meet the following qualifications: 

  • Accepted as an undergraduate at MSU 
  • Minimum ACT composite or superscore of 27 (SAT score of 1260 on new SAT) 
  • Starting Fall 2024 applicants must have a minimum CORE GPA of 3.6. 
    • The College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC, sometimes referred to as ‘core’) ensures uniformity of courses being accepted in each category of the CPC across Mississippi's eight public institutions. Details of the CPC may be viewed at *here*. 
  • Three letters of reference must be submitted within your application. Family members should not be used as references. 
    • One “academic reference” 
    • One “animal reference”, must attest to the applicant's animal handling skills. A veterinarian is preferred, but not required. 
    • One “other reference”, this one can be any reference of your choosing.

In addition, the Early Entry Program Admissions Committee considers animal and veterinary experience, work experience, leadership qualities and non-academic qualities (listed below), that are addressed in the applicant’s written application to the EEP, and three evaluations submitted on behalf of the applicant by references of their choosing. 

Non-academic qualifications: 

  • Understanding of veterinary profession 
  • Integrity 
  • Communication skills 
  • Empathy 
  • Orientation towards service 
  • Uniqueness 
  • Motivation/self-determination 
  • Strong work ethic 
  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Problem-solving skills 
  • Leadership abilities



Interviews are a required part of the final process. Applicants selected for interviews will be invited to participate in a virtual interview in late January. Interview invitations will be sent by email in mid-January with further details. After interviews have been completed, notifications regarding acceptance to the program will be emailed by mid-February.

Acceptance into the EEP

Students who have an interest in veterinary medicine and meet application requirements during high school may apply for the Early Entry Program. If a student is accepted into this program, he or she begins undergraduate coursework at MSU after high school graduation and completes the first three to four years of prerequisite courses, while also working toward the completion of a bachelor’s degree. After the student has completed all prerequisite course requirements for the College of Veterinary Medicine and remains in good standing, he or she can enroll in the CVM as a pre-accepted student. No further application or interview to the CVM is required.

Good Standing

An early entry student must remain in good standing to matriculate into the DVM program. Below are some requirements that EEP must meet to remain in good standing.  

  • Successfully complete a minimum of 14 credit hours each semester at MSU 
  • Earn no less than a 3.35 GPA in  
    • all college courses combined (cumulative GPA) 
    • all prerequisite courses (required courses GPA)  
    • all prerequisite math/science courses (required math/science courses GPA) 
  • Earn no less than a C- in all prerequisite courses 
  • Remain in good standing with the University  
  • Meet with their Early Entry Program advisor at least once each semester 
  • Document completion of at least 480 hours of experience under the supervision of a veterinarian in a clinical or scientific setting by January 31st of the year of matriculation into DVM program 
  • Refrain from enrolling full-time at an institution other than Mississippi State University 

Bachelor’s Degree Options

Students in the EEP may choose any major of study; however, the following programs have degree requirements that mostly align with requirements for admission to the CVM and may offer the opportunity for students to earn both their bachelor’s and DVM degrees in a shortened period of time: 

  • Animal & Dairy Science 
  • Biochemistry 
  • Biological Engineering 
  • Biological Sciences 
  • Chemical Engineering 
  • Food Science Technology 
  • Poultry Science 
  • Wildlife Veterinary Medicine 

Please note there is no specific “Pre-Veterinary Medicine” major at MSU. However, students can opt for a pre-veterinary concentration.