Bardsley Scholarship Program

Thanks to the generosity and support of our alumni, friends and donors, MSU CVM is pleased to offer our students a variety of beneficial scholarships. Perhaps our most impressive scholarship program is the Charles E. and Viola G. Bardsley Scholars Program, which provides a select group of first-year students $25,000 or $50,000 based upon state of residency, grade point average, extracurricular activities and leadership potential.  The scholarships are made possible by a gift from the estate of Dr. Charles and Mrs. Viola Bardsley, who lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and took a special interest in the MSU CVM.

2019 Bardsley Scholarship Recipients
2019 Bardsley Scholarship recipients include Cassandra Barber, Kylie Fisher, Kristin Miller, Julie Robinson, Brady Brown, Rachel Claus, Grace Shields, Caroline Coussens, Anabel De Bruhl, Caleb Glover, Hannah Kruse, Emily Vowell.

Bardsley Scholarships are awarded annually to eight to twelve students entering the College and meeting program requirements. Recipients who are Mississippi residents and students from West Virginia and South Carolina, who already receive some tuition support as a result of contract arrangements through their respective state legislatures, qualify for $25,000 scholarships, and those from other states, who pay out-of-state-tuition, qualify for $50,000 scholarships.

The scholarship recipients are selected from our top-ranking students, and they must have demonstrated high academic performance by achieving at least a 3.75 GPA on a four-point scale in their undergraduate studies, as well as boast an impressive list of extracurricular activities and demonstrated leadership potential.

In addition to the initial entrance selection interview, those selected to receive Bardsley Scholarships are chosen after a second, in-depth evaluation conducted by a committee of MSU CVM Faculty.

To retain their scholarship, each Bardsley Scholar must maintain at least a 3.5 GPA in their studies while in the CVM. In addition to the scholarship monies, they are given preferential scheduling of courses, externships, research experiences and clinical rotations, during their time at MSU CVM.

Those meeting the criteria to apply for the Bardsley Scholarship Program are notified at the time they learn of their selection to interview for the MSU CVM DVM Program.