Alumni Recognition

Actively engaged alumni are a wonderful resource for MSU CVM students, providing always-welcomed encouragement and much-needed guidance, having first-hand knowledge of what it takes to become a veterinarian as well as what it takes to build a successful career. Alumni are also valuable ambassadors for the College, and it is our pleasure each year to select and honor those who set a precedent for others to follow.

Alumni Fellows Program

Sponsored by the Mississippi State University Alumni Association, the Alumni Fellows Program recognizes alumni who have distinguished themselves in their respective careers. They are selected by each college or school and are invited to return to campus to meet with students, both in the classroom and informally. 

For 20 years, this educational activity has served as a means for enriching students' university experiences by exposing them to outstanding alumni who are willing to talk about specific competencies, attitudes and efforts needed to succeed. It is an exciting and stimulating way to blend the interests of the accomplished professional, the student and the professor.

Alumni Fellows are chosen to return to campus as distinguished guests and as mentors, friends and counselors. They are honored in recognition of the ultimate measure of a university - the quality of its alumni.

Dr. Taylor Lyne

MSU CVM selected Taylor Lyne as the 2019 Alumni Fellow.

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Mark and Audra Alley

Mary "Libby" Coleman Todd

Michael R. Johnson

Jefferson D. Grady and Karen G. Collins

Wanda L. West

Alumnus of the Year

The College of Veterinary Medicine Alumnus of the Year Program recognizes alumni who have made a significant contribution to human or institutional progress in which a situation, institution, or movement has been materially changed for the better because of their participation.  This award recognizes the achievement of outstanding alumni whose personal lives, professional accomplishments, and community service best exemplify the mission of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Portrait of John Nash


MSU CVM selected Dr. Jon Nash of Orlando, FL as 2020 Alumnus of the Year.

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Todd Henderson

Robert A. Filgo, Jr. 

Andrew W. Grady

Stephen K. King and Glenn S. Thomas

Recent Alumni Awards and Recognition 

Boudreaux Named Associate Dean at LSU SVM 

Dr. Bonnie Boudreaux
Dr. Bonnie Boudreaux (DVM 2005)

Dr. Carondelet Grubb NollnerCarondelet Grubb Nollner (DVM 1988) received the 2020 Outstanding Veterinarian of the Year award from the Tennessee Veterinary Medical Association. The award honors a practitioner who has been in private practice for at least 10 years and has outstanding contributions to veterinary standards, techniques, treatments, and practice methods. Financial success, client and colleague rapport, public service, and willingness to assist other practitioners are also considered. Dr. Nollner, who is board certified in canine and feline clinical practice and actively involved with the ABVP, owns Southern Crossing Animal Hospital in Memphis. She was nominated for the award by her associate and colleague Dr. Ashleigh Thomas White (DVM 2016.)