Alumni Features

MSU CVM loves to share about the successful and fulfilling careers of our alums. Our grads practice across the U.S. and around the world in a variety of different roles. Some follow in the footsteps of their parents and others embark upon paths significantly different from where they started, but one thing’s for certain: All of them are making a difference. We hope you enjoy these interesting, informative and up-lifting stories about members of our MSU CVM Alumni family!

Dr. Rachelle Stammen

Dr. Rachelle Stammen

Resilience Leads to Dream Job for CVM Alum 

Drs. Loper

Like Father, Like Daughter...And Son

Drs. Peyton and Tommy Williams

Drs. Peyton and Tommy Williams

Ten Years and Two Thousand Miles

Dr. Jim Nichols, Dr. Clare Fellman, and Dr. Courtney Hunter

Dr. Jim Nichols mixes a solution in a laboratory

CVM Alums Embrace Research Careers to Make a Long-Term Difference

Dr. Bridget Willeford and Dr. Wanda West 

Dr. Bridget Willeford and a lab animal

Alums Embrace Careers in Laboratory Animal Medicine