Animal Emergency and Referral Center to Undergo Expansion

MSU CVM’s Animal Emergency & Referral Center (AERC) located in the Jackson suburb of Flowood is slated to begin construction on a 12,000-square-foot addition this spring. According to MSU CVM Clinical Professor and Assistant Dean for Clinical Services Dr. Joey Burt, the $5.6 million project is needed as a result of the continued growth of the practice as well as to better serve its clients and MSU CVM students.

“Expanding the AERC is critical to its continued success; we have simply outgrown our existing facilities,” Dr. Burt said. “However, plans include much more than just the much-needed expanded clinical space for our staff and additional students to render emergency and referral services. The addition will also include shelled space for a future residential area for our students and a conference room for teaching and outreach programs for the local veterinary community.”

In addition, the AERC’s rehabilitation center, currently located in leased space a few blocks away, will be accommodated onsite through the expansion. “Having all our services in one location will be a benefit to our patients, practitioners, clients and students. It’s a win-win for everyone involved,” said Dr. Burt.

The project has been designed in a way to allow the AERC to remain fully functional throughout the process, so there is no anticipated interruption of service to referring veterinarians or their clients, while maintaining training for CVM students. “The services provided at AERC are vital to scores of pets and their owners in the region, so our goal is for construction to take place while operations proceed as usual,” Dr. Burt said. “We are super excited about this project becoming a reality. It will further MSU CVM’s mission of improving the health and well-being of companion animals and providing outstanding, hands-on training for our students.”

Watch the College’s social media pages for project groundbreaking plans, which will likely take place in April.