Service Dawgs

To kick off the fall semester each year, Mississippi State University’s Maroon Volunteer Center holds a “Service Dawgs Day” each August. This annual event offers MSU students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to give back to the Starkville community. 

This past August, MSU CVM Class of 2024 student Ian Evans organized a team of volunteers from MSU CVM to participate in the community service day. The MSU CVM team consisted of 30 students and faculty members and completed projects at the Starkville Sportsplex and Odd Fellows Cemetery. The MSU CVM teams received their own specific locations in order to remain socially distant from other members of the community and reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission. 

“For me, this day was about getting students and professors outside to socialize in a different setting,” Evans said. “Especially the setting we have right now at the Wise Center where we’re trying not to overstep the boundaries for the pandemic. When we’re outside in nature and doing a little community service, I feel you’re able to connect in a different way.”

As a thank you for their time and commitment, the Dean’s office provided MSU CVM volunteers with snacks and water to help beat the August heat. 

“It’s important that we foster our relationship between the College, the University, and the Starkville community,” MSU CVM Dean Dr. Kent Hoblet said. “We’re very proud of these students and faculty for taking time out of their Saturday to give back to the Starkville community.”