Department of Clinical Sciences and Animal Health Center


A veterinarian and student examine a small dogThe MSU CVM Department of Clinical Sciences is dedicated to clinical and academic excellence and focuses on the issues affecting companion animals and horses.

Faculty members have specialty training and represent the following disciplines: anesthesiology, clinical pharmacology, dentistry, dermatology, equine surgery, equine medicine neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, primary care, radiology, shelter medicine/epidemiology, small animal surgery, and small animal internal medicine.  Our faculty members teach veterinary students these disciplines throughout the curriculum. Veterinarians in our department hold appointments in the MSU CVM Animal Health Center (AHC) where they provide clinical services to animal owners and referring veterinarians. The College’s third- and fourth-year veterinary students spend much of their time in the AHC, working alongside clinicians, interns and residents, refining the clinical training they started in the second year of the professional program.
Three veterinarians provide breathing treatment to a horseResearch in the department reflects the various disciplines represented and concentrates on problems relevant to the causes, diagnosis and treatment of problems affecting companion animals and horses. The department offers residencies in anesthesia, equine internal medicine, equine surgery, neurology, primary care (ABVP), radiology, small animal medicine, and small animal surgery, as well as a number of specialty internships. We also offer MS and PhD degrees with a variety of emphases.

Meet Our Department of Clinical Sciences Faculty

Contact Information & Faculty

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Dr. Andrew Mackin
Head, Department of Clinical Sciences
Phone: 662-325-6631
Fax: 662-325-4011

Marla Lacy
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 662-325-1266
Fax: 662-325-4011

Clinical Sciences Faculty & MSU CVM Clinic Team Members


  • Archer, Todd
  • Beasley, Michaela
  • Betbeze, Caroline
  • Brookshire, Cooper
  • Bryan, Christine
  • Burt, Joey
  • Cade, Jeb
  • Castaldo, Sarah
  • Chavez, Kristie
  • Eddy, Alison
  • Eubanks, Diana
  • Fontenot, Robin
  • Grace, Sharon
  • Grady, Jesse
  • Gunter, Juli 
  • Hinz, Simone
  • Jaffe, Michael
  • Jaffe, Tracy
  • Langston, Cory
  • Lathan, Patty
  • Lee, Alison
  • Linford, Robert
  • Mackin, Andrew
  • Marquardt, Taya
  • McLaughlin, Ronald
  • Meyer, Robert
  • Mochal, Cathleen
  • Moore, Talisha
  • Moore-Henderson, Brittany
  • Nabors, Ben
  • Natalini, Claudio C.
  • Seitz, Marc
  • Seyer, Chase
  • Shealy, Alex
  • Shivley, Jacob
  • Shores, Andy
  • Sullivant, Alyssa
  • Swanson, Elizabeth
  • Swiderski, Cyprianna
  • Telle, Becky
  • Thomason, John
  • Watkins, Rebecca
  • Woodruff, Kimberly

Residents/Graduate Students

  • Coll, Ashley
  • Hafner, Paige
  • Galati, Pam
  • Gibson, Ryan
  • Hughes, Samantha
  • Jumper, Issac
  • Kettleman, Seth
  • Mamalinger, Nataly
  • Margarucci, Douglas
  • Marroquin, Shanna
  • McNulty, Kaylin
  • Mooney, Allison
  • Neal, Katherine
  • Seitz, Marc
  • Seyer, Lindsay
  • Shane, Sarah
  • Tollefson, Chris
  • Whitney, Melody

Adjunct Professors

  • Barringer-Eaves, Christine
  • Bethany, Jessie
  • Costa, Lais
  • Frondoza, Carmelita
  • Fulton, Linda
  • Grady, Andrew
  • Gowan, Michael
  • Hidalgo, Patricia
  • Ivy, Clay
  • Jones, Tracie
  • Kelly, Joseph
  • Krecic, Matt R.
  • Lodato, Dena
  • Lanz, Otto
  • Maran, Brian
  • McRorie, Johnson 
  • Miller, William
  • Norsworthy, Gary
  • Pasquali, Marzia 
  • Phillips, Darrell
  • Poole, Melinda
  • Syrcle, Jason
  • Vice, J. Donnie
  • Wardlaw, Jennifer

Emeritus Professors

  • Boring, J. Gregg
  • Bushby, Philip
  • Cooper, Robert
  • Harkness, John
  • Jennings, Dave
  • Tyner, Lee