Department of Pathobiology and Population Medicine (PPM)

A student and veterinarian examine a calfThe mission of the MSU CVM Department of Pathobiology and Population Medicine (PPM) is to develop the resources to meet the needs of professionals engaged in farm animal production, their advisors, veterinarians and regulators who protect the industries. 

The Department is diverse in function, specialty and geographic location, but the foundational role is diagnostic and clinical service. Our faculty provide diagnostic and animal health assistance for the state’s poultry, livestock and companion animals through their work in the Mississippi Veterinary Research Diagnostic Laboratory (MVRDL) System with a location on our main campus in the Wise Center serving the College and its Animal Health Center and the main location in Pearl, MS.

PPM faculty also staff the catfish diagnostic laboratory, located at the Thad Cochran Warmwater Aquaculture Center in Stoneville, MS, and support the state’s catfish industry with diagnostic service, on-farm consultation and catfish disease research.

Mississippi food animal industries receive assistance with animal health problems through our intensive in-hospital patient care, as well as on-farm, real world animal care. We have faculty who specialize in reproductive problems in animals, and they make extensive use of the Morgan Freeman Equine Reproduction Research Unit to improve knowledge of equine reproductive disorders.

A student and veterinarian examine a mare and foalIn addition, faculty specializing in public health and epidemiology (the study of disease in large populations) assist our producers in managing herd problems. We use our service activities to involve veterinary and graduate students in case and herd management. Real world problems become our research projects, creating a unique educational environment that builds knowledge, cultivates clinical skills and fosters a spirit of life-long learning.

Meet Our Pathobiology and Population Medicine Faculty

Population Medicine Residency Program


Bill Epperson, DVM, MS, ACVPM (Epidemiology)
Professor and Head,  Department of Pathobiology and Population Medicine
Phone: 662-325-1300

Fax: 662-325-4548

Mrs. Paige White
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 662-325-7116
Fax: 662-325-4548

Diagnostic Laboratory Faculty

Mississippi Veterinary Research and Diagnostic Laboratory (Pearl, MS)

  • Dalton, Martha Frances
  • Rose, Heidi
  • Vice, Carol
  • Yan, Lifang

Mississippi Poultry Diagnostic Laboratory (Pearl, MS)

  • Armour,Natalie
  • Banda, Alajandro
  • Magee, Danny (Professor Emeritus)
  • Pulido-Landinez, Martha

Thad Cochran Warmwater Aquaculture Center (Stoneville, MS)
Aquatic Research & Diagnostic Laboratory

  • Gaunt, Patricia (Professor Emeritus)
  • Griffin, Matt
  • Khoo, Lester

Pathobiology and Population Medicine Faculty

Epidemiology and Public Health Practice

  • Bailey, Hart
  • Epperson, Bill
  • Hoblet, Kent
  • Huston, Carla
  • Jumper, Isaac
  • Khaitsa, Margaret
  • Smith, David R.
  • Wills, Robert

Field Services

  • Brett, Jim
  • Christiansen, David
  • Pesato, Michael

Theriogenology (Animal Reproduction)

  • King, Heath
  • Smith, Jack
  • Sidelinger, Darcie
  • Walters, Kevin


  • Beam, Jennifer
  • Grissett, Gretchen
  • Waldridge, Bryan
  • White, Julie
  • Woolums, Amelia

Marine Mammal Medicine

  • Barrett, Christa
  • Moore, Debra
  • Reichley, Stephen


  • Eddy, Alison
  • Fontenot, Robin
  • Mochal, Cathleen
  • O'Shea, Caitlin

Diagnostic Laboratory Services

  • Baughman, Brittany
  • Bulla, Camilo
  • Jack, Skip
  • McBride, Ann Marie
  • McNulty, Kaylin
  • Morgan, Tim
  • Olivier, Alicia
  • Stilwell, Justin
  • Stilwell, Natalie
  • Williams, Matthew
  • Williams, Marjorie


  • Alexander, Kayla
  • Brown, Clare
  • Gonzales, Gabriel
  • Gunderson, Todd
  • Hughes, Sam
  • Neal, Casey
  • Riley, Dallas
  • Salinger, Allison
  • Thompson, Alexis
  • Urig, Hannah

Adjunct Professors

  • Dr. Mark Burleson
  • Dr. Will Dillard
  • Dr. Victoria Hall
  • Dr. Sue Ann Hubbard
  • Dr. Kelli Jones
  • Dr. Christopher McGee
  • Dr. Erin Riley
  • Dr. Moby Solangi
  • Dr. Phil Stayer
  • Dr. Florence W. Studstill