Large Animal Emergency Response Training

People observe and help as a large animal trailer is turned overThe MSU College of Veterinary Medicine, in collaboration with the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security, the Mississippi Board of Animal Health, and the MSU Extension Service, plays an active role in the training of first responders and animal health personnel in the area of large animal emergency response and rescue.

Operations level training includes large animal handling, extrication and recovery. In addition to basic scene management and incident command, participants gain experience in areas such as vertical lifts, slides, mud rescues, barn fires and overturned trailers. Special funding has been provided for training of the MS Office of Homeland Security Task Force members (MSTF) and MS Animal Response Team (MART) members across the state to serve as resources for communities in times of need.

Contact information for these individuals is available through local county emergency management agency (EMA) offices, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency ESF-11 representative, the Mississippi Board of Animal Health, the MSU Extension Service, the MSU CVM and the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security.