Admission Timeline

  • 2024
  • Jan 23
    VMCAS opens
    • Applicants can begin entering demographic & academic information
    • Send eLOR requests
    • Personal statement preparation
  • May 9
    Selection of veterinary programs in VMCAS
    • Supplemental questions are added to your VMCAS application after MSU CVM is selected
  • August
    MSU CVM Admissions Committee begins evaluation of verified, eligible applicants
    • Supplemental application fee must be received
    • Applicants must be verified by VMCAS and meet MSU CVM minimum requirements
  • Aug 15
    Recommended VMCAS deadline
    • Submitting early allows time to address errors or omissions
  • Sept 16
    Deadline to submit VMCAS and all components
    • Transcripts & eLORs to VMCAS
  • 2025
  • January
    Interview notifications are sent
    • Applicants who are not invited to interview are notified
  • Late January - Mid February
    Interviews conducted
  • March
    Applicants notified of admission status
    • All interviewed applicants notified by phone, email, and/or mail of admission decision
  • April 15
    National deadline to accept/decline offer(s) of admission to veterinary programs
    • Applicants may accept or decline offers prior to this date but no veterinary program can require a response prior to this date
  • May 01
    Deadline for deferment
    • For DVM candidates that have been invited into the Class of 2028
  • June 01
    Deadline to submit final, official transcript(s)
    • For DVM candidates that have been invited into the Class of 2028
    • Official transcripts must show successful completion of prerequisite courses and maintenance of GPA requirement
  • June 10

    Orientation begins for Class of 2028 

    • Date subject to change