Tuition and Financial Aid

Debt accumulated from pursuing a DVM degree is a serious consideration for many interested in the field of veterinary medicine. At MSU CVM, we know scholarships and travel assistance programs can make a dramatic difference in a student’s ability to not only enroll in veterinary school but also graduate with finances in good order.

Thanks to the generosity and support of our alumni, friends and donors, MSU CVM is pleased to offer our students numerous significant scholarships, totaling more than $960,000 each year, and this figure continues to grow.

The College offers scholarships for those:

  • from certain areas of the state and country
  • interested in certain areas of specialty
  • with high academic achievement
  • actively involved in animal health and service organizations
  • and more.

Among our many impressive scholarships is the Charles E. and Viola G. Bardsley Scholarship, which provides a select group of up to 12 first-year students $25,000 or $50,000 based upon state of residency, grade point average, extracurricular activities and leadership potential.

Scholarships Offered by the CVM MSU Department of Financial Aid

Students prepare a dog for chemotherapyTuition and Fee Rates Academic Year 2022-2023

Effective Fall 2022 Semester through Summer 2023

All tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Mississippi Resident Costs

  Semester Rate Annual Rate
Base Tuition $13,412.31 $26,824.62
Technology Fee $37.99 $75.98
University Fees $1,134.70 $2,269.40
Total Charge to Student $14,585 $29,170

Non-Resident Costs

  Semester Rate Annual Rate
Base Tuition $13,412.31 $26,824.62
Non-Resident Surcharge $11,147 $22,294
Technology Fee $37.99 $75.98
University Fees $1,134.70 $2,269.40
Total Charge to Student $25,732 $51,464

All tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

The fourth year of study is a 3-semester year. Fourth-year students pay for 2 semesters.

Guidelines for Determination of Residency for the Purpose of Admission and Assessment of Tuition and Fees

Prior to the final acceptance for admission, each successful applicant must enter a contract with the MSU CVM in which the applicant agrees and obligates himself/herself to pay the tuition, fees and expenses applicable to the applicant's resident or non-resident status, as determined by the MSU CVM, that exists at the time the applicant submits their VMCAS application; further, the applicant must agree and obligate himself/herself in the contract to continue to pay the tuition, fees and expenses during the applicant's entire MSU CVM DVM education experience that are applicable to that same initial stats determination, thereby waving any right to petition for a change in residency status for the purpose of calculating tuition.

Please be aware that the Registrar's Office at Mississippi State University is the office that processes petitions for Mississippi residency. Applicants that wish to petition for Mississippi residency must do so prior to submission of their VMCAS application.   

An admitted applicant's status will not change for his or her entire MSU CVM veterinary medical educational period.