DVM Curriculum

The MSU CVM curriculum is designed to prepare our students with the skills and abilities necessary to be successful in the field of veterinary medicine immediately following graduation. The curriculum is divided into two parts – Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Phase 1

Students take notes during a lecturePhase 1 provides first- and second-year students with a strong foundation needed to excel and be successful in the clinical years of the curriculum. All coursework in the first two years is core and required for all students. MSU students receive core instruction in all the major domestic species and there are no tracking options. 

Phase 2

A student and her instructor examine a kittenPhase 2 is comprised of clinical rotations and electives in the students’ third and fourth years. We feel these hands-on clinical rotations prepare our students to be confident and capable veterinarians immediately upon graduation. Students spend time predominantly in our Animal Health Center, but also in other MSU CVM locations such as the Veterinary Specialty Center in west Starkville and Animal Emergency and Referral Center in Flowood, MS. In these locations students work with a variety of species under the guidance, direction and supervision of faculty.

During the fourth year, students have an abundance of elective opportunities. Students are allowed a minimum of 26 weeks of electives including up to 12 weeks of externships in which to further enhance their learning.