Finding Balance
Life outside the classroom

At MSU CVM school is top priority, but we are well aware of the importance of our students having a life outside of the classroom. The years our students spend with us are filled with some of the most challenging, but rewarding experiences of their lives, and we are committed to offering the programs and services needed to help them navigate and enjoy their time at MSU CVM.

Student Leadership & Organizations

MSU CVM offers several opportunities for students to get involved in leadership roles as class leaders. The CVM also offers an array of student organizations that meet the needs of people and animals.

Student leadership and organizations provide a great way for students to participate in decision-making within their class and have an impact in the community while earning their degree.

Student Leadership Student Organizations Student Honors & Recognition

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Holistic care
A whole person, not just a student.

MSU CVM has a proud tradition of attracting the best and the brightest that each generation has to offer. We do this by focusing on the whole student, not just their academic needs.

We're proud to offer an inclusive teaching, learning, and working environment as well as counseling services specific to the unique needs of our medical school.

Health & Wellness Diversity at CVM

Campus and beyond
Starkville, MS

It’s been said that Starkville, MS and Mississippi State University are home to some of the world’s most friendly folks. People from throughout the US and around the world love visiting and living in Starkville for this reason.

Our city enjoys all the benefits of serving as home to the State’s largest university while maintaining a small-town feel.

Mississippi State University Life in Starkville

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